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Solar Design Specialist

We are currently hiring for this position. Candidates should have strong computer skills.

Blue Sky Solar Co is looking for a Solar Design Specialist to join our team. Successful candidates will be team oriented with high computer and technical skills. Candidates should also have high attention to detail to ensure accuracy of designs. On-the-job training will be provided.


This is a full-time salary position. Pay starts at $55k and increases based on experience.  


Responsibilities of the role include the below.

  • Collaborating with team members to establish project needs and verify accuracy.

  • Using industry specific tools including Energy Toolbase and Helioscope.

  • Creating layout of modules needed in solar arrays.

  • Choosing inverter and location.

  • Determining conduit routing, electrical component sizes and locations.

  • Understanding shading percentages and array production.

  • Providing project cost estimating.

  • Generating customer proposals.

  • Creating project bill-of-materials and construction documents.

  • Managing multiple projects in different stages.

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