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Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Our goal is to design a custom system that helps you achieve your personal financial and energy goals.

Commercial Systems

Commercial solar systems are a great way to invest in your business by reducing your electrical costs and managing your rising utility expenses. There are numerous tax benefits available including tax credits and MACRS depreciation.


Residential Systems

Residential solar systems are a great way to protect yourself against the rising costs of energy. A 30% Federal tax credit along with potential State incentives and grants makes the total cost of a system economically feasible for many residents in the Tri-State area. Reach out to one of our knowledgeable reps for more information.


Municipal Systems

Municipal solar systems are a great investment in our communities and our planet.


Battery Systems

Battery systems are still considered relatively new technology in the solar world and they are rapidly evolving. Most customers will see a better return on investment without a battery and Blue Sky Solar Co can help you navigate the complex policies that drive this. We are certified to install and service multiple manufacturers' energy storage systems.


Agricultural Systems

Agricultural systems are eligible for special grants through the USDA. While the economics for solar in the tri-state area are already excellent, these additional grants make installing solar on your farm a no-brainer.

Doug Scherf Modules.jpg
Fahr Beverage_Solar_0268.jpg

Academic Systems

A perfect opportunity to lead by example and teach new generations about the benefits of renewable energy. Newly available direct pay tax credits make this an easy financial decision. Call us for more information. 


Utility Scale Systems

No project is too big here at Blue Sky Solar Co. Our years of experience combined with top notch policy experts can help you navigate the complex process associated with a large system install.

Utility Scale Systems
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Power Purchase Agreements & Financing

Don't have the cash to invest in solar, but still want to hedge your energy costs and protect the planet? Blue Sky Solar Co can also help you with special financing and lease options to make your solar dreams come true. Ask us for more information.

Power Pucase

EV Charging

With Federal goals relating to EVs, home charging systems will become increasingly necessary. Blue Sky Solar Co can help you prepare for EV charging with a solar array to offset additional energy costs and/or provide a special hub for car charging that meets voltage requirements set by manufacturers.

Electric Car Charging Station
EV Chargin

Solar Service, Maintenance, and Monitoring

Blue Sky Solar offers reliable solar maintenance, monitoring, warranty repairs, and more. We have access to top-quality solar system components and have the technical expertise gained from decades of experience in the solar industry to help you optimize your system performance and achieve your financial goals.

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