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Location is key when looking at solar arrays. Our criteria involves environmental and zoning regulations, sun access, and community support.
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Solar Integration Process

Blue Sky Solar Co. assists with all paperwork, other than tax filings. Depending on the form the customer will be required to provide some personal/business information that is not available to Blue Sky Solar Co. and signatures where required.  The following checklist covers the required paperwork for a typical Integration (other paperwork may be required on a case by case basis):

Proposal and Site Information - We provide a detailed proposal and illustration of your customized solar system. In order to complete this we request the following information from each residence or business owner: 12 months of utility bills and site location. There will be additional information requested after initial review and a scheduled site visit will be planned to obtain the additional information needed to complete the proposal. Click on the link to fill out our inquiry form.

Closing and first payment– The proposal is considered accepted when the payment terms page is signed and the first payment is received. Ideally, closings will take place in person and all attached paperwork will be signed to avoid multiple unnecessary meetings/requests.  

Customer Release of Information (optional)- If the customer chooses to they may sign an information release form authorizing Blue Sky Solar Co. to request necessary information throughout the Integration process without hassling the customer.

Interconnection Application– The customer will be required to provide proof of building insurance for the interconnection packet as well as a signature from and authorized member of the business entity. The interconnection must be filed under the legal name of business as it is registered with the Secretary of the State.  The customer will provide this legal name.

Interconnection Agreement- The utility will respond with an interconnection agreement that must be signed by the customer and returned. Blue Sky Solar Co. will assist with any questions the customer might have regarding this document.  Blue Sky Solar Co. requests to be notified by the customer when the interconnection agreement is received.

Certificate of Completion and Electrical Inspection- Upon completion of construction, the customer may have to provide access to the building for the electrical inspection.  The customer will also have to sign the Certificate of Completion with the respective utility along with the Electrical Inspection before issuing the “permission to operate”.

State Solar Tax Credit Application (if applicable) - Once final payment has been received in accordance the payment terms of the proposal a Paid Invoice with the installation date will be issued to the customer.  This will be sent in with the Iowa Solar Tax Credit Application.  The customer will need to sign the application and provide the SSN or FEIN that the project will be filed under.  This reserves the Tax Credit on a first come first serve basis.  Once reserved your tax professional will file for the credit on your end of the year tax return.


Rebate (if applicable)- Rebate paperwork will be filed after permission to operate and final payment have been received. The customer will need to provide any necessary documentation of energy efficiency, a signature, and the year the facility was built.

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